Celebration of the Earth Day

The 20th
of March is celebrated as international Earth Day. The Gargždai „Minija“
progymnazium celebrated it in two different ways. We had The Klaipėda Region
students conference „Ecological blazon“ and we participated in the action „Lets
hug the earth“ and danced a dance for the Earth.

Duaring the conference the students from different schools
presented ecological blazons using the new generation Web tools,talked about the
cleaning of school environment, eco-friendly
clothes, sanctuaries in Lithuania , also talked about ecological problems in Russian

The same day over 130 students from the first till 8th grade danced a dance for
the Earth. They presented the same problems and the same thoughts through the
moves and the motion.

Both events were devoted to pay students attention to the environment
we live in, global warming and pollution problems.

This is a link for the Earth dance.