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Trees planting campaign

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Tue, July 18, 2017 06:53:22

Trees planting

We all know how bushes, plants, trees and forests are
important in our lives , surroundings and atmosphere. It gives as not only
beauty and nice view but also helps to protect our helth and environment from the
results of harmful activities. So our students wanted to remind everybody about
the importance of trees and plants in our life and to encourage everybody not to
be Indifferent and to do at least one small thing to prevent our environment
from pollution and to be responsible for our actions. So we organized a tree
planting campaign in our school to pay attention to this huge problems of ourdays
– pollution and global warming.


work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Tue, July 18, 2017 05:46:32

Excursions to local companies

In April 30
8th grade students went to two excursions to two different companies
in our region which are paying attention to ecological problems and trying to
reduce the polution.First they went to „ Klaipėda Waters“ and found out the
water way : where it comes from and what way it goes to reach our houses. Then
we went to Dumpiai wastewater refinery. The new station was built in our region in 1998, since then it effectively cleans
household and industrial wastewaters. It uses mechanical and biological methods in
theirs works. During the cleaning process they produces gas , which they use to
get electricity and heating. Dried mud is also used to fertilize the soil. Then
our students went to Thermocouple power station „Fortum“.It uses waste
as fuel and is the first such kind of power station in our country. Their work
helps to reduce the pollution and to solve the waste accumulation problems in
our region. Thermocouple power station uses household and non toxical
industrial waste, biofuels and produces electricity and heating for Klaipėda
city(40 percent of the needed heating in town). The station uses the newest
technologies , which garanties the maximum effectiveness in their work.