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Project presentation

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Wed, June 13, 2018 21:16:12

„Let’s do it“ project

There was a methodical day at „Minija“
progymnazium in March, 2017. Duaring that day teachers of different subjects
could show different kind of traditional and non traditional lessons for the
teachers and students from other schools of Klaipeda district.Teachers Asta and
Renata together with 8 grade students prepared a non traditional lesson like a
small model of exchange camp with the presentation of the project, morning
circle, musical and dance workshops, reflection, cultural presentation. Students also shared memories
from the exchanges and discused about the profits of the project.Everybody had
a good opportunity to get acquainted with the project „Let’s do it“.

Trees planting campaign

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Wed, June 13, 2018 19:48:54

Trees planting

In the end of April we organized
trees and different plants planting campaign in our school again. This was the
second time we did it in our school. And we hope it will become a nice spring
tradition for us. The purpose is to remind the pupils and school community that
we should pay attention to our earth, to a place we live in and make it more
green and healthy and less poluted. And we think that we should talk and do something about it all
the time to make people involve more themselves into activities connected with
climate change and preventing polution.

Trees planting campaign

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Tue, July 18, 2017 06:53:22

Trees planting

We all know how bushes, plants, trees and forests are
important in our lives , surroundings and atmosphere. It gives as not only
beauty and nice view but also helps to protect our helth and environment from the
results of harmful activities. So our students wanted to remind everybody about
the importance of trees and plants in our life and to encourage everybody not to
be Indifferent and to do at least one small thing to prevent our environment
from pollution and to be responsible for our actions. So we organized a tree
planting campaign in our school to pay attention to this huge problems of ourdays
– pollution and global warming.


work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Tue, July 18, 2017 05:46:32

Excursions to local companies

In April 30
8th grade students went to two excursions to two different companies
in our region which are paying attention to ecological problems and trying to
reduce the polution.First they went to „ Klaipėda Waters“ and found out the
water way : where it comes from and what way it goes to reach our houses. Then
we went to Dumpiai wastewater refinery. The new station was built in our region in 1998, since then it effectively cleans
household and industrial wastewaters. It uses mechanical and biological methods in
theirs works. During the cleaning process they produces gas , which they use to
get electricity and heating. Dried mud is also used to fertilize the soil. Then
our students went to Thermocouple power station „Fortum“.It uses waste
as fuel and is the first such kind of power station in our country. Their work
helps to reduce the pollution and to solve the waste accumulation problems in
our region. Thermocouple power station uses household and non toxical
industrial waste, biofuels and produces electricity and heating for Klaipėda
city(40 percent of the needed heating in town). The station uses the newest
technologies , which garanties the maximum effectiveness in their work.

Celebration of the Earth Day

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Sun, April 23, 2017 18:12:14

Celebration of the Earth Day

The 20th
of March is celebrated as international Earth Day. The Gargždai „Minija“
progymnazium celebrated it in two different ways. We had The Klaipėda Region
students conference „Ecological blazon“ and we participated in the action „Lets
hug the earth“ and danced a dance for the Earth.

Duaring the conference the students from different schools
presented ecological blazons using the new generation Web tools,talked about the
cleaning of school environment, eco-friendly
clothes, sanctuaries in Lithuania , also talked about ecological problems in Russian

The same day over 130 students from the first till 8th grade danced a dance for
the Earth. They presented the same problems and the same thoughts through the
moves and the motion.

Both events were devoted to pay students attention to the environment
we live in, global warming and pollution problems.

This is a link for the Earth dance.

A plan

work on "Stop Climate Changes" Posted on Mon, November 28, 2016 23:06:51

A plan for “Climate change” activities

1.Science day at school in October;

2.Excursions to local factories and companies in February;

3.Earth day celebration at school in March;

4.Joining the national cleaning up campaign “Lets do it ” on April;

5.excursion to National Beach Park and cooperation with Klaipeda University in May;

6.Performance for other student in our and neighbor schools in September.